Staff Uniforms

Already supplying many of our school’s with staff uniform we have a great understanding of the needs for specific staff members.

Site Teams

We offer a range of hoodies, polos, tabards, technical jackets, trousers and boots for Site Teams with the school’s embroidery and a choice of initials.

Sports Departments

Working with all the top sporting brands we are able to kit out your department in your choice of kit and colours.


Tabards and aprons are available amongst a huge range of items for nursery staff. Tabards make it extremely easy to operate in and having a consistent colour of uniform really helps the children.


Working closely with a leading supplier of catering uniform we are able to offer chef jackets, trousers, shoes & aprons, amongst a load of other items.

Poloshirts, Hoodies, Tracksuits & Lanyards, all available in a wide variety of designs and colours.

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